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Season 2017-18

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The Club will be picking up gear once a week to save our supporters postage and packing. if you have purchased goods from Macron, Can you email once you have placed an order with your details. I am trying to get some samples for sizing purposes, but supporters who already have our Puma merchandise need to go up 1 size on Macron gear. i.e. Puma medium is a Macron Large.

Club News

Trafford FC Youth 3rd Annual

Mini Football Festival

Events is played at Trafford FC's First Point Shawe View Stadium

on their award winning pitch.

Format is the same as last year:

Age groups as 2017/2018 Session

Under 7's - 6 aside Registration Sunday 6th May - 1pm

Under 8's - 6 aside Registration Saturday 5th May - 9am

Under 9's - 6 aside Registration Sunday 6th May - 9am

Under 10's- 6 aside Registration Saturday 5th May - 1pm

£45 Per Team

No more than 16 Teams at each age group.

4 Groups of 4 Teams per age Group.

Winners and Runners up to go through to knock out Stages.

All players to Receive a Medal and Teams of the Tournament

to receive a Trophy.

Full use of First Point Shawe View Stadium is available including Snacks, Refreshments and Toilets.

Contact Details


Phone  Jonathan: 07860457300

Simon: 07789680771



Trafford FC Supporters Club


Our aim is to support, promote and raise funds for Trafford Football Club. The Supporters' Club goals include: raising funds for Trafford FC; raising awareness of the Football Club in the local community; providing

a ‘mouthpiece’ for the supporters; providing a ‘line of communication’ between the supporters' and the Football Club. Be part of Trafford FC, be part of the

supporters' club.

20 Questions with... Aaron Burns

This month we interview fans' favourite Aaron Burns. Aaron began his career at Manchester United and has scored goals wherever he has played, most notably at Nantwich and of course ourselves. With 45 goals for Trafford already, Burnsy has his sights on Trafford's all time goal scoring record of 101 goals. Let's hope he can do it.

Andy Glinka asks the questions...

1. You started your football career off at Manchester United. Which other players (that we may know) did you play with and who stood out?
Yeah I had a great time at Man United and cherish the 12 years I was there. In my youth cup team was; Gerard Pique, Giuseppe Rossi , Danny Simpson, Fraizer Campbell, Johnny Evans, Ryan Shawcross and Darren Gibson to name a few.

2. Not long after signing for Trafford you became a bit of a fans' favourite. You clearly feed off the support but just how much does it make a difference?

I really appreciate the fans' support and the general family nature of the club. It means a lot to me and the lads and certainly pushes me that extra 10% which I hope shows on the pitch.

3. Is there one game where our support has stood out for you?

Lancaster away last season was a big game and the away support proved to be the 12th man.

4. Some people say scoring is better than sex. Can you put the rumour to bed?

Depends how good you are at those things I suppose. Erm... in all honesty the elation of scoring a goal can’t be matched during that moment but it’s not two things I've ever considered comparing. Haha.

5. Trafford have made it to the cup final... it goes to penalties and we need someone to step up and take the (potentially) winning pen. Other than yourself, who would you want taking it?

Tough question... I’m a big believer in the person being confident enough to put their hand up but I have been in a pressure penalty situation with Jack Dorny before and he converted with aplomb so I’d say him.

6. You were born in the 1980's in Manchester and support Chelsea. Explain yourself?

Haha. Wasn’t expecting this to come up. Growing up at Man united basically and then becoming full time with the club I needed a team to support in which I wasn’t around all the time and my cousin supports Chelsea so that was my choice.

7. Best forward you've ever played with?

really enjoyed playing with James Dean at both Chorley and Trafford so I would have to say him.

8. Best defender you've come

up against?

Liam Hogan (now of Salford) has

always been a tough opponent

and that has told by the clubs he

has played at since his Halifax

 days. Teague at chorley would

be a very close second though.

9. Most underrated player at


I’m a massive fan of Langy, but

because of his laid back persona he goes unnoticed maybe. So I’d say him.

10. Favourite away ground (non-league)?

I’m going to say Nantwich because of my ties with the club from my time there but also as an opposing player I always scored there.

11. If Trafford got promoted via any means, where would that rank in your career achievements?

The gaffer always bangs on about the fact I've never been promoted in non league so I’m going to have to say very close to the top... getting in team of the year last season was a clear highlight.

12. As someone who is loved by the fans (especially the ultras - the daft gits standing behind the goal), you seem genuinely proud to play for the shirt. What does Trafford mean to you?

Trafford is a special club and I eluded to the family spirit and the togetherness of people behind the scenes and obviously I have long standing ties with the management team, so it means a lot to wear the shirt and growing up around Sale it’s probably my closest non league team.

13. Favourite professional player?

My idol as a kid was Andy Cole, I adored him. Of the modern age it’s CR7.

14. Best mate at the club?

All the lads are class to be fair and the dressing room is great... gaffer got rid of all my mates last seasonof the current crop I've known JD the longest.

15. Who has the worst dance moves?

Nev... doesn’t drink, well boring and ultra stiff. Can’t see him having any moves.

16. Favourite TV show?

I’m a Netflix kind of guy, so I’m going to say Power or Suits.

17. Funniest person at the club?

That’s easy... Linny by a mile.

18. Other than football, which sport do you love to watch/play?

To be honest I’m only really into football but if I had to chose I’d say rugby. I’d love to be good at tennis though.

19. Any remaining ambitions/goals you want to achieve?

A few... I want to get to 300 non league goals before I finish. I want to get promotion and also fancy getting in the Evo Stik top 50 players list announced before end of season.

20. Any football superstitions?

When I was younger I had loads. Now mine are just around preparation for the games. I like to arrive early so I can just take my time and relax. So I’m always 1st here.

Thanks Aaron, an absolute pleasure. All the best for the rest of the season and we hope there are many more goals to come. #Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrnzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee